RGA is built in the Castle Park in Šilheřovice in the spirit of historical traditions in which the original owners of the Castle Park of extreme sports-entertainment facilities for spending free time. RGA is located in the central part of the Park and passes by the main historical attractions of the Park, for example the Hunting lodge, fountains, ponds and a waterfall at the Hunting lodge.

RGA is a public 9-hole PAR 3 academy, of which the majority of the wells has an alternative hits for any game on 2 x 9 holes. RGA has a putting green and driving range covered with artificial grass-cutting the carpet of the third generation, which guarantees constant speed putting green even when adverse climatic conditions and a significant extension of the golf season. RGA is appropriate for the game as novice golf players, so for the game advanced golfers. RGA was restored and supplemented by a lighting system, and therefore allows even the evening game.

RGA has a clubhouse, reception and social facilities located in the Castle in Šilheřovice. Reception RGA offers you the opportunity of accommodation both in place and in Ostrava, and also special game on the surrounding Golf courses.

Club rental and payment is made at the Hunting lodge Šilheřovice. The price of one game is 200 CZK.

More informations about RGA on www.rothschildgolfacademy.cz 

Golfová akademie